Structural Steelwork Design to BS 5950

Webinars arranged by The Steel Construction Institute, UK & The Doshi Group, Kenya

The Steel Construction Institute, UK and The Doshi Group, Kenya are hosting 5 FREE webinars to support Structural Steelwork Design to BS 5950.

1. The Advantages of Steel Structures 7 February 2018
2. Beam Design 7 March 2018
3. Struts and Columns 4 April 2018
4. Bracing and Frame Stability 9 May 2018
5. Connection Design 6 June 2018

Webinars are entirely free, delivered 12:30-13:30 (Kenyan time) by David Brown. Broadband and audio facilities are required to listen to the live webinar. Technical notes are circulated in advance of each webinar. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates are available on request.

Registration is essential.

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Webinars in Detail...

The Advantages of Steel Structures - 7 February 2018

This introduction will emphasise the very significant advantages of steel construction and challenge the expectation that reinforced concrete should be specified. Much reduced foundation costs, significantly increased floor areas to let and fast construction will appeal to developers. The opportunities for much more flexible column-free floors will appeal to tenants and the advantages of accurate, offsite prefabrication of a quality assured product should have universal appeal. The design of steel structures is straightforward, involves no technical risk, and the supply and fabrication infrastructure is in place to deliver a commercially attractive solution.  The subsequent technical presentations cover key design activities, all in accordance with BS 5950.

Beam Design - 7 March 2018

Many beams will be fully restrained, so the selection of a beam, based on bending, shear and deflection is straightforward. Unrestrained beams must be checked for lateral-torsional buckling. The presentation will cover both types of beam, with numerical worked examples and the use of look-up tables. The presentation will also introduce the design of castellated beams, which are a popular option in Kenya for longer spans.

Struts and Columns - 4 April 2018

Columns in braced frames are covered by special design rules in BS 5950, which will be covered in this presentation, including typical design examples of columns in steel frames. The presentation will cover the design of other steel members such as hollow section bracing, which are designed for axial load only. Effective lengths of members in compression will be covered, with reference to the tables in BS 5950.

Bracing and Frame Stability - 9 May 2018

This presentation will cover the important topics of Notional Horizontal Forces (NHF) and the assessment of frame stability according to the rules in BS 5950. The background to the requirements will be covered, and an explanation of the rules in the Standard. Frame stability is a key consideration in steel frame design, and must always be verified, even for braced frames. The topic is therefore important to all structural designers.

Connection Design - 6 June 2018

Having selected beams and columns, connections must be detailed to deliver the design assumptions, which will usually be that the connections are nominally pinned. The principles of connection design will be covered, with a commentary on the standard details often used in braced frames. The presentation will address beam to column connections, bases and bracing connections.

David Brown

David is an Associate Director at SCI and delivers many technical courses. He has extensive experience of steel design to BS 5950 and the Eurocodes, being responsible for several design guides.

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